Callback Message Status (DLR)


Method: POST, GET ou JSON

Description: This option is used for the SMS Dev server to make a call to a user-defined URL for Message Status (DLR).

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	"id" : "123456789",       
	"refer" : "XXXXXXX",  
	"situacao" : "RECEBIDA",  
	"data_envio" : "28022020145322", 
	"operadora" : "VIVO-PORTABILIDADE", 
	"qtd_credito" : "1"
Description of parameters
Name Overview
key Account authentication key.
id Sending message ID (MT).
refer Reference uses in the sending message (MT).
situation RECEIVED - Message delivered to the customer's device.
SENT - Message sent to operator.
ERROR - Message validation error.
QUEUE - Message awaiting processing.
CANCELED - Message canceled by the user.
BLACK LIST - Active recipient in the 'Black List' group.
Shipping date Format (DLR) ddmmrrrrhh24miss.
operator Identified operator (HLR).
qty_credit Credit consumed.