Setting Prices

Na SMS Dev you do not need to contract monthly plans, nor maintain a predetermined shipping flow, just purchase a package and start using. You can buy larger packages when needed.

The credits has no expiration date, do not expire. As long as there is a balance continue to use the service.

Packs 5K 30K 100K 250K + 250K
Quantity 5.000 30.000 100.000 250.000 +250.000
Credit Price R$ 0,13 R$ 0,12 R$ 0,10 R$ 0,09 Consult

Price simulation

(5.000 X $ 0,13)
R$ 650,00

Create a free account without advance payment.
And receive credits to test the service.

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  • Credits are automatically released Approved Payment.
  • Fees and installment fees directly on the checkout screen.